Fighting at Rucar's Tomb

yodabird19 for The Atheran Times

  • E declares siege on two Meridion towns: Rucar's Tomb and Mershima and are victorious, stealing two relics.

  • E's first succesful relic capture as they intercept Kongeda moving their relics to different towns.

  • An extraordinary new war goal has been presented by the E alliance.


The largest alliance on Atlas grows larger and stronger. 


The Wolf Square in Morvia's capital, New Efros.

warpoe for The Atheran Times

Vedd Goldgard had been a member of Morvia since its inception at the beginning of Atlas’s Full Release in March, 2019. As Master of Foreign Affairs, Vedd had been Morvia’s diplomat, its main face to the world, and had, for many, symbolized the nation.

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