Good journalism will enrichen this community and improve engagement. We are covering the most important topics and events of the CivClassics world and telling stories that would otherwise go untold.

All this, with a great team helping to make that possible. To be able to cover the entire world, we need all hands on deck.


Our Values

Our work only becomes more and more exciting as our audience grows. We always seek to try new ways to tell CivClassics's stories, and there will always be room for improvement.


The values that have long shaped the Atheran Times — trustworthy, accessible, tenacious and innovative —remain immutable. 


We seek people with different talents and skillsets. We need people from all the different CivClassics countries. We need reporters and editors, coders, visual and graphics artists, illustrators and photographers.

If you have the ambition to report the stories that matter, if you want your work to reach an audience unmatched in size or influence if you want to help continue our mission to be the most innovative, professional and sophisticated news operation, we need you.


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