Adara Becomes Leader Of Aureus

Editor's note: This article was originally published in number 1 of the digital print editions and written by tsun123.

This week Raxius, founder and long term leader of Aureus stepped down as Adara ascended to the throne and title of Founder. This stunning development marks a new age for the nation of Aureus at a time that they, along with many of the old superpowers of Athera appear to be in decline.

This change is expected to reinvigorate Aureus after the decline in activity under Raxius. It is thought Raxius is going to take a longer break after admitting to extreme exhaustion following his leading role in the rule change recently announced by Elders and the petition. Adara himself commented that the transition of power went ‘smoothly’ suggesting no internal conflict within Aureus amid a popular choice who only this week revolutionised Atheran Science.

Adara is seen as a less safe option than Raxius however following his already intervention in the Great War of Liberation in his work as a mercenary for the Crimean Khanate it is thought he is not likely to enter Aureus into the war but may be more open to persuasion than his predecessor. Eyes will not be focused on Aureus and upon Adara as the ‘team effort’ of the ‘open secret’ of the plague cure have set the bar high for the rest of his reign as Athera watches in anticipation of great things to come.

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