Bear Tsar Ivan of the Lewis Islands is Running for Prime Minister of Acadia

Updated: Jul 2

Tsar Ivan in his current place of residence in Mallorca.

Acadia - Coming as a surprise to most Acadians, Tsar Ivan of the Lewis Islands has announced Friday that he is running for the position of Prime Minister of Acadia, becoming the second candidate to run for this seat this month.

"Bear noises about running for prime Minister

bear noises about a new age

bear noises about expanding the factories

bear noises about expanding the workers power" wrote the Tsar bear on the Acadian discord. The Tsar's translator has yet to release their official translation of what the Tsar said.

The Tsar has been a controversial figure in Acadian politics. Some have raised concern about having a bear lead a state, let alone the whole nation. However, others have supported the Tsar regardless of their species.

Tsar Ivan's announcement comes after the current Minister of the Interior, Bloof, announced their candidacy for Prime Minister. In response to Ivan's announcement, Bloof has stated that they are "going to coup Acadia and make it into a javaya/moloka esque state" if the Tsar wins. Bloof later stated that this comment was sarcastic.

This comes days after the incumbent Acadian Prime Minister, Cortwade, announced he was stepping down and wouldn’t run for re-election. Cortwade has not yet commented on Ivan's candidacy.

Although Ivan has been polling favorably amongst the Lewis Islands’ population, current polls conducted by the Atheran Times suggest that he will not win the election.

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