Blothera Beaten

Editor's note: This article was originally published in number 1 of the digital print editions and written by tsun123.

The day many international observers called impossible has finally come. Burri, former king of Blothera has officially announced the dissolution of Blothera into anarchy and its official defeat in the Great War of Liberation. This is a major turning point for Athera, as the announcement released around half a dozen small vassals from Blotheran control and ended the largest war on new Atlas.

This is seen as a major victory for the Grand Coalition and particularly the kingdom of Morvia who led the diplomatic crusade. The fall of Blothera has come after the eventual decline of the nation as the war progressed and the nation became increasingly inactive.

Sources have said that the remaining active Blotheran citizens have transferred to other nations or founded their own. Rumour had it that Burri himself was preparing to join superpower Aureus, but now nations are watching with anticipation following his piracy announcement just days ago.

The downfall of this superpower has been a huge success for the Grand Coalition but possibly an even bigger one for Aureus, who in the dying days of the war annexed the Crimean Khanate, Blothera’s chief military opponent and only other claimant to the Windswept Isles.

It is thought this move influenced Burri even as the news was preparing to break that Aureus would join the war in favour of the Grand Coalition to defeat Blothera. The fall of this once-mighty nation has left Athera with no doubt, however, that the true remaining superpower is Aureus, which has swelled in size and prestige in recent weeks as it collects more followers and revitalises itself with the spoils of war.

Critics of Blothera now hope Aureus will not follow the same pattern and become a tyrant state as Blothera did, but rather follow the example it has set forth in the past few Atlian years and take a path of peace.

The fall of Blothera and rise of Aureus has left other allies of both sides left floundering, with sources suggesting the Kingdom of Morvia, now one of the servers foremost diplomatic players, is attempting to broker a final truce in the war even as it becomes apparent they have won. It is thought the celebrations are being held off until an official end is declared but such a case is surely just around the corner as all sides have seemingly moved on and Blothera has accepted the inevitable.

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