Brutal Murder

Editor's note: This article was originally published in number 1 of the digital print editions and written by tsun123.

As the server event of the month concluded amid fanfare and celebration, it seemed the threat of bloodshed and war was averted. However, it proved to be premature to draw such a conclusion. As with the Tavern evening of Wednesday night, violence marred the closing hours of the event with the Kingdom of Virarith murdering a fellow representative upon leaving the event.

FisherTwo, seen moments before in the streets of Nauru, allegedly murdered Cqrson, a member of the Western Renegades mere moments after leaving the event. This has raised serious questions as to the security surrounding Atheran gatherings, as even in the streets of Nauru Helinkx was spotted in a prime sniping position potentially threatening the security of attendees.

The most shocking event of the encounter however came in the final death message, with the assailant’s weapon of choice turning out to be ‘Beef Tendies.’ Will the Elders be conducting an investigation into the sale of beef or the availability of the servers cattle population in an effort to curb violence? This, along with many factors remain unknown in the ensuing investigation, but anonymous sources have called it ‘all too probable’ that this incident was linked to the deadly assassination accredited to a ‘Burri Impersonator’ in the deadly Virarith Tavern Murder.

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