ChrisChrispie Promises “Constitutional Changes” in Icenia, Reducing Democracy

Updated: Jun 28

This article's content has been updated to reflect ChrisChrispie's recent statement on the changes' motivations.

A number of international observers were taken by surprise on Monday, June 14, when, in his announcement of SoundTech’s appointment as Grand Judge, President of Icenia ChrisChrispie referred to Icenia’s current government as a “rump government”.

Icenia’s current government is the May 2021 government, voted in at the start of last month; according to the Icenian Constitution (accessed 6/23/2021), which sets the nation’s election cycle as monthly, the government is weeks overdue for a June election. Though initially only postponed until “after the Olympics [June 6th]”, the belated June elections were declared cancelled on June 12th, when President Chrispie proffered that Icenia ought “to retain the government for Jah Day [June 18th] and a...constitutional convention and then have elections under the new system”.

ChrisChrispie’s appointment of SoundTech was Icenia’s first mention of its upcoming constitutional convention in a standard informational channel, which led to a stir of inquiry into the nation’s unmentioned political affairs. When Icenian citizen Jadedonne asked if they “miss[ed] a revolution”, ChrisChrispie answered that “[the leadership] ‘just want to keep the government for another term until [they] roll out some changes to the interior government”, as it would “[make] no sense to lose common knowledge on Icenia internal stuff [sic] in between terms while making such changes”.

According to the Icenian President, the changes are “need[ed]...because of the continual issues [Icenia’s] been having”, and “can only come through an in depth structural review of how things work, like the courts”; he named "[Icenian] courts having constant issues and...wanting to have a more streamlined constitution" as motivations behind the reforms. The changes are, as SoundTech puts it, aimed at “adapting the current government to be more effective” rather than incorporating “new opinions”. SoundTech named specific changes such as “changing” “an illusion of democracy” “to set clear expectations”, ensuring that “Judges enforce the law”, but aren’t “the ones writing it”, making it so “that elected officials will not have legislative power”, and otherwise “carry[ing] on as [Icenia] do[es] now”; less reserved than ChrisChrispie in his motivations, the rump Grand Judge argued that “democracy is an ineffective way to manage a powerful nation on civ”, and that the goal is that “the primary positions of power are attained through...a mix of democracy with oligarchy or autocracy”.

When the convention will release the new Icenian Constitution is unclear, but little of note appears to be in store between now and this upcoming overhaul. As Icenia slides further into oligarchy, the world watches a paradigm shift: the largest nation on CivClassic will soon set a new standard.

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