Cigars And Alcohol

Editor's note: This article was originally published in number 1 of the digital print editions and written by tsun123.

As the new Naurulian Embassy opened to the applause of the international community this week, events overshadowed a pressing development noticed on the fringes of the prestigious event. Mr Goldenstar, representative for Laundronia, was caught offering cigars to those attending the event. This comes amid a spreading epidemic of tobacco and alcohol across Athera, with Nollo prominently getting drunk and puking across the floor of the newly inaugurated Hall of Nations.

This scandal prompted outrage from the Elders, though Lord Beloc seemed to find the spectacle amusing, commenting ‘Cleanup on Aisle 4.’ The exclusive images taken by the Atheran Times show the full scale of the epidemic, as a drunken Nollo was seen crashing through the new Naurulian Embassy atop a polar bear. Such incidents raise question about the safety of our streets and what steps can be taken within the Atheran community to combat this epidemic of narcotics sweeping the continent.

Mr. Golden refused to comment for this article, instead pivoting to sell his wares to another visitor. However, as with the dueling at the Naurulian arena, questions will be raised whether street vendors with such harmful substances should be allowed at future events and whether the elders should step in to fix this corrosive issue on our society, either by introducing a prohibition or developing a method to sell alcohol back to bartenders in order to reduce the surplus supply making alcohol in particular all too common on our streets.

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