Cirilian Sabotage

Editor's note: This article was originally published in number 1 of the digital print editions and written by tsun123

At the state opening of the new Naurulian Embassy the exclusive event was crashed by would be saboteurs. The Elders in a split vote chose to spare the spy sent by the Cirilian alliance after the delegates of Athera voted for his imprisonment over execution. An otherwise pleasant night at the exclusive event attended by the richest and most powerful citizens of Athera was marred by infighting, bloodshed and the potential for war as the clouds of violence gathered.

An impassioned prosecution was given by the elder affectionately known to the community as ‘Iyo’ seeking, to the shock of many members assembled for the gala, the death penalty as a message to potential assailants. This could be a telling sign of things to come for the increasingly volatile world of atlas as warring factions now show they are done with the independence of the Naurulian state.

What will this mean for the Great War of Athera is the question everyone appears to be asking tonight as the violence of Friday and the prospect of invasion has left everyone wondering as to the future of relations with the powerful magic users of the southern deserts and islands.

Thankfully it appears crisis has been for now averted though justice avoided as Wizardteapot affectionately known as ‘Tee’ by the community won over a majority of delegates in eventually finding that the spy sent to infiltrate the arsenal of Nauru should be imprisoned rather than executed. The military leaders of Nauru have declined to comment on such pressing matters of national security though it became evident in the Embassy debate that magical defences must be strengthened as it was all but certain that the imprisoned spy would be freed by Cirilian magic within a matter of days. Will this intervention tip the scales of war or will it merely become the latest in a string of powder keg incidences which are evidently leading to an epic clash for the future of Athera?

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