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Editor's note: This article was originally published in number 2 of the digital print editions and written by tsun123.

Ore spawning has in recent weeks come under further scrutiny after the Elders declined to increase spawn rates at the State of the Server Address. Just how much are ore spawn rates reduced? That remains to be seen though some aspects are hugely increased. It is clear for example emeralds are boosted as on Atlas they are not limited to just a mountain biome like vanilla minecraft.

Despite this improvement it is clear that Atlas is suffering an acute shortage of ores and precious minerals and such effects may be dependant on the biome or mere luck. Tests concluded that while mining through the Yukrovian Highlands after 1000 blocks a mere 3 diamonds were found in contrast to 13 in the Iron Foothills. Is it that Athera has different mineral content at different locations or were our tests just unlucky? It is clear however that their ore spawn count is well below ordinary figures with vanilla achieving more than double the ore count in a comparable distance. Mining, with the new smeltery update, is a key part of atlas and likely the biggest single funding source for most nations. Is it right this ore spawn is so significantly reduced? Elders have previously insisted it is not terribly far below average though this has been open to question as players increasingly find themselves without the means of providing enough tools and armour for their nation.

Adding insult to injury the reduction of ore spawn is made worse by the limiting of fortune on the server. This decision, though widely accepted by citizens of Athera is damaging when combined with the ore count and though there appears no desire to change it amongst staff it may be that reduced ore content and the lack of fortune will create a huge gap in the mining market. Economy overhaul is needed but in what form? Will anything change or will the degeneration merely continue?

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