ExRider111Ryan: I planned on working on highways until 'regen' or mass terrain grief was introduced

Editor's note: This article was originally intended for number 4 of the digital print editions and written by Aid711

When did you first join Atlas?

A little more than a year ago.

What did you do on Atlas leading up to now?

I roamed around for a long time as nationless when I first joined, until I eventually joined Horsia, which I helped discover tanning recipes with, and fought a war against whoever owned Efros at the time. After that all of Horsia went inactive so I inevitably did as well until I decided to come back about a year later, and continued wandering until I eventually joined the Templars, and then moved to the Wardens.

What are your plans for the future?

I want to build a tavern and finish my base in the snowglade mountains, as well as participate in sieges. I also planned on working on highways until 'regen' (mass terrain grief) was introduced. I was talking to Lost one day and we both kept bouncing ideas off of each other about some sort of community competition, hence the Atheran Games.

What's the latest on the Games?

The Atheran Games will most likely have to be cut down from 5 major competitions to 3 major competitions, with some other minor ones which we might host for fun, or not build at all depending on how we feel after building the duels arena, spleef arena, and the archery range (the major competitions.) People will be able to enter each competition as individuals for a small fee (~200g,) and a prize pool will be given to the winner, as well as a lore item.

What events and activities will there be?

Ya got a bracketed dueling event, everyone will have the same kit for each match, (which is still being discussed what will be in it, most likely no or little magic.) There's an archery event which is still in the early stages of planning but will likely turn out to be who can hit the most shots with x amount of arrows, and there's a free for all spleef event, last man standing wins. We might also add a parkour over the water just for fun, or as a 'mini-competition.'

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