First Morvian Constitution Passed

Editor's note: This article was originally published in number 1 of the digital print editions and written by tsun123.

At long last the State of Morvia has joined the great powers in codifying their kingdom into a government with proper laws for its people. Morvia joins the likes of Aureus, Blothera and Horsia in establishing constitutional monarchies. This document is seen by legal observers as being an essential curb on the powers of the Morvian King through the establishment of a new supreme court.

The Morvian King himself declined to comment after his image was seen as heavily damaged following a sustained campaign of resistance by Morvia’s Master of War. Despite much opposition, the vote eventually passed by a large margin bringing Morvia into a new age of constitutional order with the new Chief Justice of the Morvian Supreme Court, Tsun, giving comment that it was ‘a chance for us to finally get our house in order… or kingdom if you prefer.’

This brings into question what is next for morvia? Does this signal a willingness to move past the Great War of Liberation or will it be a chance for them to organise a more cohesive fighting force with a set rank structure within the kingdom. One key criticism was the centralisation of power as the constitution allows for extreme amounts of power to be given to the council and potentially to the king if some loopholes are used.

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