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Gabon Corporation, among CivClassic’s most developed companies, announced its quarterly earnings Friday.

The logo of Gabon Corporation

The corporation, a towering enterprise employing 11 people overall, is a large supplier of XP; founded in December 2020, it has experienced rapid growth, and is now worth over 11000 diamonds—up 80% from last quarter.

Gabon Corp’s report tallies a staggering 46 different values for the last quarter (Q2 2021), a majority of which display what CEO FKA_Twink described as “massive growth”; coming out of a slow first quarter, Gabon Corp has reported its best quarter on record with respect to both profit and shareholder equity. Most eye-catching of the multitude of grown values is net income—the difference between gross income and operating expenses—which increased from 4 to 2984 diamonds in the last quarter. Additionally improved are total sale revenue and total asset value, both experiencing growth in the thousands of diamonds.

Despite doubling the number of available shares of the company from 2000 to 4000, the company still reported an increase in value of 0.75d/share, constituting a growth of 35%—a total profit of 1035.75 diamonds across all 1381 investor-held shares. Among the few companies on CivClassic to issue shares, Gabon Corp is still seeking shareholders, asking interested investors to contact CEO FKA_Twink. The company also indirectly reported a shareholder dividend by listing differing values for net income and retained earnings, totaling 430 diamonds distributed—a 15% return on investment, according to the #gabon-broadcast report posting’s accompanying text.

Gabon Corp is only three quarters old, but already it is worth five digits of diamonds; as the company and its eponymous nation both grow, it seems likely that the company’s 17 Class B shareholders can look forward to even better earnings reports in the coming quarters.

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