Hills4Real Clinches Lambat City Mayorship in Nail-Biter Election

An exhausting 24 hours closes with a new mayor.

Since its constitutional ratification two months ago, elections in the Republic of Lambat have generally had outcomes that were clear from the start; from its underpopulated judicial elections, to a presidential election in which the only opposition to the incumbent advised that “voting for me is [forbidden]”, Lambatan democracy has generally had little impact on the politics of the nation.

With the mayoral elections of Lambat City, the capital of the federal Republic, this is no longer the case. When incumbent mayor kaprediem stated that he would “not run for mayor to focus on [his] presidency”, the field was left open for aspirants to the local office; only 30 minutes before the opening of polls on July 7th did this field close, with two candidates for the position established: Hills4Real and CommradePotatoe.

CommradePotatoe did not intend to seriously contend for the capital’s highest office, describing his political platform as “running so it looks like there is competition”; Potatoe has long been such a character in Lambat, stating at the election’s halfway mark that, “I like to believe that there was once a time in Lambat when things were serious; then I showed up”. However, the residents of Lambat City did not take him at his word; despite voting against himself, CommradePotatoe spent approximately 7.5 hours out of the 24 hours of election time in the lead, and another 5.5 tied exactly with his opponent. As yodabird19 summed up eight hours in (when the election was tied 2-2), “there is a very real chance we've just handed control of the capital to CommradePotatoe”.

The election was tense for its entirety, but at no point more so than its final hour; with the race tied 4-4 at 62% voter participation, kaprediem voiced concern that “the city charter does not mention any clause about a deadlock”. yodabird19 responded that “I think [I know] how to fix it”; the chiefly Cortesian-based Lambatan had spent the preceding two hours gathering materials, traveling to Lambat, and constructing a house in Lambat City; now legally a Lambat City resident, he cast the ninth and final ballot in the election with 11 minutes to spare: a vote for CommradePotatoe.

Originally only having declared his candidacy to provide Hills4Real with someone to defeat, the tuberous cultural icon realized his impending victory 7 minutes before the close of polls. Rather than celebration, however, Potatoe greeted the unexpected turn of events with shock, stating that “Hills deserves the mayorship”. In response, he immediately “announc[ed] [his] withdrawal from the election”.

Five minutes later, polls closed, and results were tabulated, but the outcome was unexpectedly clear. Only one candidate remained in the field: Hills4Real, who won the mayorship with 4 votes out of 9.

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