Lambat Passes Constitutional Reforms Aimed at Efficiency and Clarity

Updated: Jun 29

Lambat City town hall. Yodabird19//The Atheran Times

The Republic of Lambat passed a new constitution on Sunday, with a unanimous 10 votes in favor, and none against.

The vote comes as a result of eight days of deliberation, kickstarted by Lambatan President kaprediem on June 20th with his five suggestions for reform. The number of proposed reforms ballooned to ten over the following days, culminating when he and Lambatan Judge yodabird19 were accepted (again unanimously) as the heads of an At-Large Constituent Assembly, the mechanism which the nation’s Constitution’s Article XV provides for constitutional reform.

The Assembly, convened between June 24th and 26th, produced a lightly reformed constitution for citizen approval. The reforms contain no sweeping changes, but are, as yodabird19 put it in his pre-Assembly appeal to the citizenry, “focus[ed] on efficiency (IE removing unnecessary limitations) and anti-corruption”. Reforms included removal of limitations on Presidential runs for heads of foreign countries and international projects, clarification of the behavior of citizenship within and around Special Administrative Regions (relevant due to the impending formation of CommradePotatoe’s SAR of Vesteria), prohibition of judges from taking cases in which they are involved, and more minor adjustments such as these.

Lambat’s democracy, now nearing two months old, has proven itself tenacious once again through its passing of these forward-thinking reforms. With both votes involved in the process resulting in unanimity, it is clear that Lambat is, on the whole, in a promising harmony with itself.

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