LazuliCorp goes public and looks to expand internationally

LazuliCorp, the oceanic mining company, is hoping to make a big splash with investors.

LazuliCorp will join a growing number of public companies on Civclassics.

One of the youngest companies on CivClassic announced on Wednesday it had plans to

start selling stock in the corporation to the general public, allowing any individual or organization to purchase up to 5% of LazuliCorp.

The Corporation — initially known for its popular non-profit zoo in Mount September — also declared ambitious plans to expand its subsidiary, Lazuli Oceanic, into other countries and states to have a ‘plethora of other projects on the docket’, awaiting the funding from potential shareholders.

“... construction of a casino has already begun underneath the Lazuli Tower, so that's exciting. Lazuli Spawn Labs will also soon be available to the public for viewing, which is like the Bonusgrad Zoo, except with every spawn it is possible [with] to keep captive” says Sambonusg, CEO.

LazuliTower in Mount September. By Sambonusg

Founded by Sambonusg in March 2021, LazuliCorp got its start with the construction of the Lazuli Tower, which stands tall over the western portion of the Mount September skyline.

LazuliCorp is the parent company of

numerous subsidiaries, most notably Sam’s Spoils, Lazuli Stables, and Lazuli Oceanic, with the latter bringing in the most revenue for the corporation.

With the potential of additional funding from the public offering, it's the company’s hope that it will be able to begin opening commercial outlets across the world.

“We are planning on opening the first Lazuli Oceanic store in MtS, then will begin negotiations with other countries to build stores there as well,” Sambonusg said. “Sam’s Spoils is also intended to become a chain store.”

The Corporation has generated over 1,000d in profit between the 16th and 23rd of June and looks set to continue this high-profit trend into the coming future.

“We’d also like [Lazuli Oceanic] to become known as a for-hire mining company to work on clearing land or digging vault holes, etc. If Lazuli Oceanic started getting paid to do the mining on top of all the ores that get brought in, profits would be massive” Sambonusg added.

Time will only tell if LazuliCorp and its new share system will be beneficial to itself and its new shareholders, and whether it encourages more companies to put themselves into the burgeoning CivStockExchange market.

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