Liar, Fool, Manipulator; Peace Talks Collapse

Editor's note: This article was originally published in number 1 of the digital print editions and written by tsun123

Those were the words thrown in heated debate spanning several days as nations across Athera became increasingly hostile amid attempts to end the Great War of Liberation. The greatest point of conflict, however, was not between enemies but amongst allies. Serious questions have been raised about communication within the Grand Coalition as their chief negotiator, Sprix, whose strong arm tactics eventually persuaded coalition leaders not to remove Virarith from the Grand Coalition after their cold peace with Blothera took a cynical turn.

Initially negotiations looked set to succeed, but a secretive meeting between country leaders proved the matter to be anything but settled. ‘Fool, manipulator, liar and backstabber,’ were among the accusations levied against the Morvian Foreign Minister, Sprix, who showed the perceived inadequacy of Morvian negotiations and raised serious questions over his suitability for the job.

These revelations emerged as no significant Coalition members were willing to talk to the Atheran Times, but it is understood from anonymous sources that Sprix repeatedly lied to important members of the Grand Coalition and within his own nation in order for him to ‘be known as the best negotiator on the server.’ This claim proved anything but this week as the credibility of the once revered Foreign Minister crumbled amidst allies and foes alike as it emerged he lied about all the details to the individual Heads of State and planned to abandon the Crimean Khanate in their struggle for independence.

Serious questions have now arisen: how will the Grand Coalition proceed from here? Will Sprix retain his role within the Kingdom of Morvia and the Grand Coalition? How long will the war truly last? This all remains to be seen in the coming weeks as sieges loom on the horizon and Atlas prepares for a clash of the ages.

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