Lord Beloc: 'Accesibility is a big thing for me'

Editor's note: This article was originally published in number 1 of the digital print editions and written by tsun123

This week Lord Beloc ascended from a mere wealthy lord of Athera to Atlas’ newest elder in the largest rise to power for some time. This stunning promotion came as one of the most powerful men in the kingdom now seems more so than ever already making stunning decisions such as giving members the right to vote over the fate of spies in Nauru and financing a huge expansion of Nauru. Changes are afoot and this week we talked to the power behind the throne as the gems, influence and skills of Beloc are revealed as is his great aid to Atlas and found out his ambitions both past and present. Declining to comment on such things as upcoming server development it proved to be an eye opener into the man behind the machine.

What was your initial reaction to your promotion. Were you pleased or was it expected?

The promotion was something I knew was going to happen but I still am very honoured to be a part of the Elder Team. Anytime you add a new person to a close knit team like those guys you always feel like the off man out but that is not the case with them. They have welcomed me with open arms and I am very much looking forward to where we can take Atlas.

What would you consider your greatest achievement to be on atlas so far?

Humm. Thats a tough one to answer. Many things were already in motion for the re-launch when I came onboard but I would have to say that one of my main goals for Atlas is to make it more accessible by a larger audience of people.

Atlas needs to be a joy to play by the person who wants to take part in nation warfare or by the person who wants to just create a nation and be a merchant ot grow crops or just build.

Accessibility is a big thing for me. So I guess to this point my biggest accomplishment would be the steering of Atlas and the implementations of some backend systems to reach that more accessible goal.

Is there anything you personally would like to introduce to atlas?

As mentioned above it really is accessibility. For Atlas to grow and continue to prosper we have to open our doors to a larger player base with different play styles. This is what will ultimately allow Atlas to grow for years to come.

What is your current project?

My project really is the entire server overall. I help out here and there but I mainly work behind the scenes in guiding the server overall to a particular point versus individual projects.

Did you feel the Embassy event was a particular success?

Very much so. We had a great turnout and the players I think really got into the "voting" aspect at the end. It put some power into the players hands. It’s like "So, where do you want to go with this?" Look for more of those things as we move forward.

Why atlas? What brought you here?

For a few years now I have been wanting to be involved in a Minecraft community to be not only a creative outlet for myself but to also help other people enjoy the joy of games. At the end of last year, I reach out to Ajaxan and expressed interest in coming on board. So no fast forward almost 10 months and here we are.

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