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Updated: Sep 20, 2020

Editor's Note: This article has been substantially altered from its original form on account of inadvertent bias.

Atlians were shocked on Monday when, at 12:03pm CDT, the nation of Morvia joined the curiously-named E alliance with no forewarning. Morvia, which had, according to its king, recently received a "wakeup call" with the departure of its foreign master, had been solo, lacking allies, ever since its departure from the Dawn Alliance on July 20th. The nation has shown a desire for and capability in war (combat especially) even on its own, such as during its short war (which ended in elder-enforced ceasefire) with the Arrogant Allies alliance, making it likely to be a major asset to E.

E, the most populous alliance even before Morvian addition, now consists of The Wardens of Wraithwood, Aureus, the City of Portsmouth, and, of course, Morvia. The alliance, which began with that of Wardens and Aureus, has existed under its current name since the release of Diplomacy on May 30th, and the alliance of Wardens and Aureus stretches back much further. E, which just recently ended its own war with the Arrogant Allies (another ceasefire), is known, among other things, for its dramatic comeback victory against the Dawn Alliance on July 20th, making Morvia's addition to E a union of former enemies.

Though much of its population is inactive (and some are even banned), E is potentially the strongest alliance on Atlas's current political landscape (though opinions may differ). Morvian King _ItzChris_ encapsulated this development in a single Discord message, "E alliance do be looking pretty scary rn 👀". What the ramifications are of this development remain to be seen, but it seems likely that E will become a much more relevant force on Atlas soon, on account, if nothing else, of the war-minded players newly in its midst.

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