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Morvian Foreign Master Vedd Quits; Calls Morvia “Unorganized”, “Reckless”, “Nation Playing Catch-Up”

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

Vedd Goldgard had been a member of Morvia since its inception at the beginning of Atlas’s Full Release in March, 2019. He had been involved, in one way or another, in most of its history. As Master of Foreign Affairs, Vedd had been Morvia’s diplomat, its main face to the world, and had, for many, symbolized the nation. Vedd was a powerhouse, and had been responsible for much of Morvia’s building, bureaucracy, planning, and maintenance. However, in recent months, Vedd appears to have soured on his place in the Morvian concert.

The capital of Morvia, New Efros

Two days following a dramatic, sudden, and near-unanimous decision by the Morvian council to withdraw from the Dawn Alliance on July 20th, the day of its defeat by the E Alliance, which Vedd alone objected to, the Foreign Master, who had seen to Morvia’s inclusion in the alliance, notified Morvia that he was entering a so-called “Standby Mode”, wherein he would focus on personal projects (such as this newspaper!) and allow the rest of the council to direct Morvia without his bureaucratic influence. Though the impacts of this withdrawal are uncertain, there was a noticeable shift thereafter in Morvia’s behavior, involving increased isolationism and combat focus and a visible decomposition of Morvia’s complex bureaucratic process.

This would last for just over a month, a month over which Morvia’s activity plummeted, before Vedd began to prepare to leave the nation entirely. The entrepreneur moved his 12 double chests’ worth of possessions from New Efros to Cortesia Del Mar for temporary shelter, drafted a resignation letter, began on plans for his new, yet-unnamed nation, and, on September 3rd, officially executed his separation.

The Atheran Times has obtained a copy of this resignation letter, which has never been seen before by non-Morvian-Council eyes. Vedd does not mince words in his explanation of his reasoning for resignation, and dedicates a lengthy paragraph to listing notable accomplishments of his, thoroughly driving home his point that he had done more than his fair share of work. “at a certain point”, he argues, “these tasks should be routine for the designated minister, or the King. Why should I, as simple Foreign Minister, be trying to lead the nation. And not even get the slightest bit of appreciation for it. Just simply be told I’m a ‘tryhard’, because it wasn’t something they were even remotely interested in doing”. Vedd also describes how “sometimes certain Morvians would sabotage any diplomatic progress entirely without any consequences since I was the only one who saw impulsive and reckless comments/actions as negative for the entire Morvian image”, likely referring to Morvia’s warmongering and isolationism, and, as exemplified by Morvia’s alterations after Vedd’s standby, how his “ideas of expanding the bureaucracy that was already put in place from before weren’t very welcome” and as a result “everything was starting to become unorganized”.

As of this publication, Vedd is a citizen of Cortesia Del Mar, where he intends to temporarily live while getting his affairs in order, and plans “a strong nation, with a good lawful and bureaucratic foundation and systems and programs in place to handle all situations; recruitment programs, job systems, economy programs etc...a nation with the right government protocols to be prepared, not a nation playing catch-up”. Morvian King _ItzChris_, meanwhile, appears to have taken Vedd’s departure as a signal that something is wrong, stating that “Vedd left so we kinda have a wakeup up call in Morvia rn”, and that “”its [sic] for the better he left Morvia...He deserves a better nation”. How these changes will play out, both for Vedd’s upcoming nation, and for the Morvia he left behind, remains to be seen.

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