Newfriend Artienia Completes Server’s Largest Mapart

Updated: Jul 11

On Tuesday, CivClassic’s largest mapart, The Golden Witch, was completed; consisting of six maps - beating out the previous record of four - the piece is a towering accomplishment. The mapart is a recreation of one of the paintings in the game Umineko (a fantasy murder mystery game), says artist Artienia, who had just finished the game before being drawn to CivClassic by what they described as an “awful” ad “detailing what the server isn't”.

The artist didn’t begin The Golden Witch with the intent to nab a record, naming their motivation as having “always wanted to make mapart but...never actually done it”; assisted by map artist Amelorate (to whom they paid 20 diamonds for materials), Artienia began the project only a day after first joining the server. The historic art took only eight days to complete, having been constructed “west of West Isle in Icenia”; Artienia described the process as “about 20% building, 70% destroying and 10% planning for the next piece”.

Asked what the titanic work meant, Artienia stated that:

To me it means determination and logistics. Without logistics you can't arrange and [receive] the materials to finish your map art (even if you collect them yourself) and without determination you can't start it. After all if someone told you that you need to make the server's largest mapart, many people would just give up.

The Golden Witch is for sale at Icenia Maps for 30 diamonds, where it has thus far sold “approximately 15 copies”.

This article was sourced from an interview. The full text of the interview is available here.

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