Alts and Bots Ruin CivClassic

Recently, a house in Acadia was raided. The raider, peterdama17, broke into a house, broke some chests, and quickly logged off before we could pearl them. Me and the rest of the Acadian military guarded the spot where he logged off for the whole day, waiting for him to return.

Yesterday, we tried reaching out to him, but it turns out he has no intention of logging back on that account, because he has an alt. Unfortunately, unless we can figure out who his alt is, we can't get any justice for what he’s done.

Alternate accounts, also known as Alts, is something that Civ handles and has rules for, but does not ban. You can't evade pearling by using an alt, but you are allowed to use them. Part of it is to allow bots to run.

Starting 10 years ago, Civ was supposed to be an experiment about player control and moderation. Players are allowed to pearl other players, which essentially imprisons them and prevents them from fully playing the game. Allowing Alts to exist allows players to avoid the consequences of their actions, voiding the whole purpose of the experiment.

Not only can a player do something on an alt, log off, and never use that alt again, yet still play, but they can bypass the use of snitches. Snitches are supposed to log who comes close to them, but that is pointless if you can use an alt to hide who you are.

Alts are also used for bots, which also ruin Civ. Civ should be about player control and working in the environment given. Having bots on the server changes the environment, and unbalances the gameplay. Writing a script that can auto harvest crops or chop down trees provides an unfair advantage over other players who play the game the way it was intended to be played.

So, what's the solution? For one, Civ could outright ban Alts. Classics already has the ability to detect if someone is an alt, so this change would not be that hard to implement.

Another, less extreme option would be to add a command to view Alts and view who the main account holder is. Also, updating snitches to report both the alt and the main account. Though not stopping a player from using Alts, this would prevent Alts from being useful in hiding one’s identity.

Until something is done to minimize the use of Alts or eliminate them completely, anyone can be a victim. You could log in one day, find all your stuff missing and find out you will never get your stuff back simply because the offender switched accounts. This is what happened to my friend.

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