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Hold Up, The Devs Notice Our Rants In #public?

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

Regenerated buildings or land are often compared to the texture of cheese

For the last few months, the intended villains of Atheran adventure - the Arkayos faction - were eclipsed by the advent of world regeneration. This was a highly divisive addition which drew comparisons of regenerated land to swiss cheese, and a survey conducted by the Elders of Atlas revealed that world regeneration was “the most disliked feature” (a whopping 40,4% of respondents voted this way).

August 29th’s State of the Server provided relief to the many dissidents of regen. I was happy to note the Elders’ emphatic response to community disapproval; they recognised the harshness of the previous regen system’s rapid reversion and introduced a 45-day gap between chunk abandonment and restoration. Two 45-day cycles are now required in order to restore unclaimed land fully except what are deemed “priority chunks” - land near to an NPC town. “Priority chunks” will still regenerate rapidly.

These welcome changes to world regeneration may well supply new life to the Atlian International Rail Project, and this in turn abets other community collaborations such as the Atheran International Mail Service. The maintenance of projects in unclaimed territories shall prove far easier and periods of inactivity will no longer punish such creations - regeneration and building in the wilderness will now be able to coexist.

Besides world regeneration, during the State of the Server, a lot of attention was drawn towards magic. Wizardteepot writes that, “Magic was not intended to be the best form of combat, which it is.” As a result, it was announced that the infamous “powerbeam” spell would be kicked to the kerb, something I personally don’t mind because I’m not a big magic guy. However, I am excitedly anticipating the proposed influx of magic effects (496 effects!) and it appears that magic will be easier to work on in future with the announced “GUIfication”. These changes seem sure to entice people like me alongside critics of the current system (“spreadsheet simulator”) to engage more closely in the skill of magic.

While it’s a bummer that instant spellcasting has been prevented, the promise of magic specialisation “allowing different types of mages” is an interesting prospect. I am eager to see what niches of magic are to avail themselves.

Drawing on the reduction of magic’s efficacy in combat, other changes were announced regarding wars and PVP. Personally, although I am not a fan of PVP, I welcome the introduction of event islands that present an optional “high-risk, high-reward” activity. Making PVP otherwise toggleable in Atheran wilderness through relics is also a change which I don’t really mind. The promise of a slurry of ores and other resources from PVP-enabled mining islands and the like are exciting and may provide a source of high-octane action, but I think we’ll have to wait and see how effective they’ll be in quenching the thirst of those hungry for PVP.

As a longtime critic of the impotence of the initial war system, I am also somewhat pleased with the introduction of effectual consequences dependent on the results of a war. I am also glad that the elders are against making these consequences “harsher”, and while I’m critical of forced payment by the loser of a (potentially) non-consensual war, I struggle to find any other repercussion that makes risking a war worthwhile.

Aboveall, the most anticipated upcoming release for me is the 1.16 update. A glut of reworkings and new features are set to come with that update, albeit we’ll have to wait a while longer for the nether. Tannery, smeltery, magic, dungeons, and a host of other features are expected to be updated for the better. I am extremely excited to see what lies ahead for Atlas, particularly since the staff team have shown they will listen to what the community has to say.

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