Rules Revolutionised

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

Editor's note: This article was originally published in number 1 of the digital print editions and written by tsun123

The petition committee of almost 50 veteran Atlas players, after extended discussions with the Elders spanning more than two weeks, reacted with shock, jubilation and amazement as the announcement was made this week that the rules would indeed be changing.

After the at times heated debate, the Elders seemingly bowed to pressure amid declining Patreon support and the threat of a mass walkout from veterans. All this was averted however, and further plans to boycott this week’s Naurulian Embassy opening were scrapped as the Elders listened to the voice of the people and delivered through the voice of Iyo a workable and substantial alternative to the current rule section.

These changes have included the introduction of a now popular channel dubbed the ‘RP’ channel by those involved in the compromise, officially titled the Roleplay Channel. Initial response was one of shock, with one player asking in the petition discord ‘is this a win?’ to the resounding response of yes from the community.

This change came after a seeming hardening of stances as members on both side of the debate criticised each others’ personalities rather than addressing the root causes. This debate has been challenging for all, as one anonymous source described that some staff took the side of protestors over the Elders, but it can still be concluded that this change is a win for everyone as it clarifies contentious roleplay rules and makes the job of Elders easier, as the governing of Atlas is more defined and now provokes less opposition.

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