Smeltery And Tannery Changes

Editor's note: This article was originally published in number 1 of the digital print editions and written by tsun123.

This week has seen a much anticipated release of smeltery changes as the server awaits the opening of sieges. Five new alloys and three new hides have been added with which to make armours. This is widely seen as a change designed to improve combat in the run up to sieges with offering more options for a wider range of perks. This has been praised by members of the community who had criticised the elders for lack of content in their previous petition drawing fact to the existence of a mere 15 smeltery recipes.

This change should advance the nature of nations with weapons and tools now able to be crafted having previously been disabled. This is a significant change as nations move to create these new tools in a bid to gear themselves faster and exploit the increased damage available from these powerful new alloys. Similarly, the introduction of three new hides will not come from new types of animal or mob hide but rather from existing hides made with new recipes. Will they be of huge benefit? Potentially with hides being described as preferential for some players as nations rush to research these new techniques. This comes with other minor fixes such as shield durability, skeletal ingot rebalance and the use of wraith armour which was previously more armour than it was designed to be. These balances are set to improve pvp though it will likely take sieges to see what impact they truly have.

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