Spotlight: New Sol, the Tiered City

The main idea of New Sol was a small city state, settling within the previous lands of the Entranan Republic, with basic values such as staying as dense as possible (mainly due to land constraints), a willingness to embrace new and interesting ideas, and the ambition to get it done.

A couple weeks after New Sol’s founding, it became a commonwealth of Cortesia Del Mar - a coincidence due to the history between the leader of New Sol and the nation. Since then the Commonwealth of New Sol has blossomed under Cortesian leadership. Allowing such structures as a 9 storey medium rise to sprout up, made of more than 50% concrete and 25% glass. During that time New Sol has started producing concrete, charcoal, and other basic goods at rapidly growing levels. Many, enough to start trading.

Since then there have been multiple ideas and structures that have become a part of New Sol, a city of hypermodern/futuristic structures based on everything from cyberpunk to a slight hint of anime style. All is wrapped up in a city of three tiers, the bottom one being an iceroad that spans the length of the western coast of the region, to an underground that boasts an ice walkway, the beginnings of a sewer, and a station that connects directly to both Rainer, the capital of Monterey, and the Entranan Transcontinental Express. The city also boasts the biggest industrial region in Cortesia, mainly consisting of concrete manufacturing and farming. The city is planning multiple different structures in the near future, such as a government hub for the Commonwealth, a new rail station, a new hotel, etc.

As of now there are two shops within New Sol, the only permanent ones in the nation: one cafe that sells steak, bread, and dried kelp, and one shop that sells carrots and honey bottles. As of the current moment we plan to expand our shopping to include multiple other areas, many high rise shopping zones, and several plazas around them. There are several corporations within New Sol, including Hundred Valley Farms, Spuddish, and Gulf Building Corp.

At the current moment the government has very little control over corporations, but pretty soon they will have more abilities. For instance having an HQ within New Sol might allow for allowances within the Commonwealth.

In essence New Sol is a relatively quickly developing city, the heart of industry, agriculture, and concrete. And is only expected to continue developing as time progresses.

New Sol is currently the de facto home of many corporations that have yet to officially set up camp. And many proposals for others to be able to move into the area. For anyone willing to come see, or even become a member of this quickly growing city: Welcome to the industrial, Agricultural, and Corporate heart of CDM. Welcome to the Tiered City, the City of Lights, the city of ice. Welcome to New Sol.

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