Suicide Bomber Burri

Editor's note: This article was originally published in number 1 of the digital print editions and written by tsun123.

Burri was this week purged in a gruelling 10,000 cobble punishment following the assassination of two members of the Kingdom of Morvia, the second of which came after being explicitly told by the Elders not to continue his abusive practises. The method of execution came by the use of a glitch allowing placement of blocks within claims, the first incident being a planned assassination of Skipper_Wood within Redspire and the second the explosion of Vedd within the walls of Morvia.

Both events were within claim boundaries and generated much confusion until it emerged burri carried out the violent acts with the help of a bugged powder keg. Formerly used as a method of propelling an assailant over the walls of towns, it emerged this device was dangerously broken and capable of killing citizens of Athera in a single hit. Following the revelation, the Elders carried out an emergency fix of the explosive device within hours to ensure the safety of the community.

Afterwards, Elders punished Burri with a purge of 10,000 cobblestone, much to his annoyance once he realised the changes to purge removing the ability to afk mine. Vedd was reportedly ‘delighted’ at the justice provided. Details continued to emerge: not only did burri violate the order to stop, he continued arguing the matter with staff and refused to dispose of the items stolen from the murdered members of Morvia.

The events have spurred a series of memes across the server though the identities of any creators have been protected so as to avoid potential punishment. The most common format has compared burri to a ‘suicide bomber,’ in the words of one individual, and due to the upsetting nature of this the Atheran Times will not be publishing photos of the memes.

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