Summary of the Leaderboards

Editor's note: This article was originally published in number 1 of the digital print editions and written by tsun123.

This week the leaderboards have seen a stunning lead for the Kingdom of Virarith as Blothera and Morvia slump from their traditional places near the top of the board. Horsia are an ever closer second behind Virarith after their strong performance last month but haven't quite managed to retain their crown. Laundronia appear to be in third though some questions have been raised as to how active they actually are with comparatively little appearing to have been achieved compared to some nations in the past week. The relatively unknown Saint Pablo and the nation formerly known as Circle Line or as many of you reading the leaderboards will known them as ?? in reference to their Chinese name the leaderboards appear unable to display.

This rounds off our top 5 with Horsia leading in military and technology and Virarith in industry and culture. Notable points for this week is the emergence of Virarith in the culture leaderboard amassing a stunning 50,000 points in the luxury leaderboard thought to equate to 50,000 Atlian gems spent on luxury goods. Can they afford to continue spending at such a pace?

It remains to be seen as no points were awarded for lore this month as the Elders have vowed to change the system. The unshown miscellaneous section appears to be where Virarith is ammassing most their points surging top of economy with 174,000 points, the highest score to date while they top activity and territory also. This move is significant with Virtarith clearly ammassing points here though it remains to be seen whether they can retain it for next week.

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