Tavern Tumble

Editor's note: This article was originally published in number 1 of the digital print editions and written by tsun123.

The Weekly Tavern night hosted by the Kingdom of Virarith got off to an amazing start this week as the first major community event not organised by staff. This Elder-enforced event was said to have attracted up to 15 citizens from across Athera by some estimates.

Members of the community offered warm praise to Eldric for this community organised event, a rare reprieve from the violence gripping our continent. ‘A pleasant evening and a change from the normal Wednesday’ was the description given by one guest before the festivities died down and Virarith once again became host to a plot far more sinister.

A ‘burri imposter’ is how authorities are describing the culprit, allegedly named Spike, in reports given to the Atheran Times. Following the departure of Virarithian security following the event, it is understood the ‘fake burri’ killed tavern night host Eldric along with some guests. The fate of the assailant is unknown, but it is thought that given the enforcement nature of the event with Elder-provided security that he has likely met a disturbing fate.

Remarks and condolences have poured in as members of the community have given their sympathies for the loss of some prominent citizens murdered. Is this criminal at large? Has he been brought to justice? If you have further information please provide it to the relevant authorities to maintain the security of community gatherings such as this.

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