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Terror Attack at Wraithhall Destroys Wealth En Masse

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

Editor's note: In an effort not to reward dramatic destruction with fame, the name of the traitor has been anonymized as “John Smith”.

An unexpected - but not unprecedented - disaster struck the Wardens of Wraithwood at their capital of Wraithhall on August 15th. Multiple sources, including the individual in question, allege that John Smith, at the time a fresh Warden, deliberately destroyed large amounts of the town’s wealth, both in the form of valuables and Gems. While the Wardens have not disclosed all details of the catastrophe, the approximate total number of Gems despawned is known: 20,000.

Capital Wraithhall in the Wraithwood. By warpoe for The Atheran Times

The Wraithhall storage also faced significant, but indeterminate, losses.

John Smith was swiftly kicked out of the Wardens. His friend, Colbert888, who had joined Wardens alongside him, stated in the midst of the despawning’s fallout that “[John Smith] isn’t usually like this”. However, in spite of what appeared to be disdain for John Smith’s actions, Colbert888 was removed from Wardens shortly after John Smith was. Another new warden, CmdrTurtle, of no known affiliation with John Smith or his actions, was also removed. Colbert888 and CmdrTurtle shortly thereafter joined Meridion.

As the situation progressed, staff swiftly got involved in order to recover valuables, money, and inventories. John Smith returned to Wraithhall, with unknown reasoning, and the Wardens present there requested that he leave. Following his refusal, he was killed within the town’s borders via magic, an exception to Atlas’s general rules against peacetime killings for which none of the present Wardens were punished. Desertdweller_, the Sentinel who had been working to undo the events of the day, requested that John Smith’s killers despawn his dropped gear, as Desert stated that it had been mistakenly duped during item recovery. The lava placed as a result of this order was successful in deleting John Smith’s inventory, but also mistakenly killed Chickenoob76 and SirWalnuts.

Whether or not there are any significant lasting effects of the mess is unclear. Beyond the above, little is known about this very internal crisis, and whether John Smith was punished by staff for despawning items is as yet undetermined (especially on account of Atlas’s Bans and Punishments page not having been updated since May). But this incident, echoing a similar one in late April, is certainly a shock and a shake to Wardens and their recruitment.

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