The 2020 July-August Atlas Art Contest

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

It’s that time of the year again, and it’s time to announce the contestants – and winner – of the 2020 July-August Atlas Art Contest! Let’s take a look at the four finalists, as well as some comments from each of the artists regarding their paintings.

Submission #1: “Give Me a Home Among the Gumtrees”

– RawSaw

The first submission on the list is a wonderfully painted depiction of a gumtree forest – a very quintessentially Australian scene; unsurprising, from the first of two Australian artists on the list. Artist RawSaw, who lives in the beautiful Blue Mountains in real life, has mixed deep earthy greens, a refreshing blue, and the hint of pink to draw a painting that clearly shows the artist’s love of nature. This was confirmed by the artist himself.

“I have always enjoyed learning about Nature, specifically trees, and here in the Blue Mountains, we are so privileged to be surrounded by so many different species of trees, so my forest, you could say, is a reminder of the beauty of nature and how important it is to our lives. It’s a part of our culture and deserves our full respect.” – RawSaw

Submission #2: “Law & Order” – Shinki

The second submission on the list is the only submission on the list that directly depicts a location in Athera. In Shinki’s painting, Galeshire Court is turned into a mesmerising mix of colours. The light reflects off surfaces and the blue light from the window is the only break we get from this intense, almost hypnotising glow. This submission is also noteworthy for being the first ever procedurally generated painting to be a submission in an Atlas Art Contest. There was evidently much debate among the Elders regarding whether the submission would even be allowed, but it has been, and it does look fantastic.

“[Law and Order] is the only [piece] that was originally a screenshot, an actual location in Atlas, Galeshire Court, so I feel that it is especially relevant to Atlas, which is part of the reason I believe it fits the most.” – Shinki

Submission #3: “Sleeping Forest” – Falksi

The penultimate submission on the list is a beautifully refreshing painting of a forest. In the painting, deep greens and fresh blues are combined to create an image of a forest that feels so alive, you can almost imagine yourself stepping through the screen and being there – ironic, perhaps, for a painting entitled Sleeping Forest. Although the piece was likely created using a computer program, the transparent brushstrokes, and the way the colours overlap create a painting that looks much more akin to watercolour. Fitting for such an invigoratingly cool painting. It may surprise you, though, that the title of the painting has a double meaning. The title does not merely represent the feeling of the forest, of the inspiration for the painting as well.

“I woke up at 5AM [with a] dream. I drew my dream. I fell asleep.” – Falksi

Submission #4: “The Last Supper” – Tomaruchan

The fourth and final submission on the list is arguably the most unique of the four. Featuring thirteen anime characters at a long dinner table, and a title that references Da Vinci’s famous painting, one would be forgiven for struggling to find a link to Atlas at all. On the contrary, however, every character who appears on the painting is related to Atlas – more specifically, a nation in Atlas. These range from ‘Insula-chan’ front and centre, to the character representing the now-defunct Platinum Union (PUGA). The inclusion of PUGA in the painting was, perhaps, a deciding factor in some people’s votes, with the TheCubling of the Wardens stating, “I need PUGA to be immortalized in painting form.”

The painting contains richly detailed characters in the anime style, many of whom have specific visual details referencing their nations; for example, the character representing Meridion is a bird, just like the two birds on the Meridion flag. The painting is also notably the only finalist this year to contain people or characters.

“The only reason I really joined Atlas is because of the art contest that Pike told me about and [I] had been waiting for this year’s one. … It took me a month or two making it due to how many characters I had to draw and design on the spot. … The difference between [The Last Supper] from the others is that it has characters in it. I guess I could also say it’s the most detailed as well. … I haven’t drawn a single piece with this [many] characters in it, too.” – Tomaruchan

Submission N/A: “The Drakon Sea” – Diggerdoge99

As with any competition, this year’s art contest also had a touch of controversy. Diggerdoge99, who won 2019’s Art Contest with his painting Carlos. His submission this year, an explosive and colourful painting of the Drakon Sea, however, was not nominated as one of the final four. This omission disappointed a number of people, including Rivian leader ArtemisQQ, who commented that they had loved Diggerdoge99’s The Drakon Sea and had been planning on hanging it in their room. According to the Elders, however, Diggerdoge99’s submission of multiple pieces had resulted in the vote ending up split between them, and as a result, none of them had ended up in the finals.

The Final Result

After days of voting, debates, and even a campaign against one of the submissions by one particular user, voting ended at 9PM EST on the 29th of August, and the results were locked in.

1. The Last Supper – Tomaruchan (18 votes)

2. Law & Order – Shinki (13 votes)

3. Sleeping Forest – Falksi (6 votes)

4. Give Me a Home Among the Gumtrees – RawSaw (3 votes)

In contrast to last year’s contest, when Carlos won by just one vote, the 2020 July-August Atlas Art Contest ended with a winning margin of five votes, as Tomaruchan’s The Last Supper took the victory this year! A big congratulations to Tomaruchan, as well as each of the other contestants! As the winner, The Last Supper has been added to Atlas as a buyable luxury item! You can buy it to decorate your home for 18,000 gems.

Finally, to finish off, a good luck in advance to anyone planning to enter the next contest! In a change from previous contests, art contests will now be held in conjuction with the Elders' State of the Server meetings, meaning there will be an art contest every two months. The next contest has already been confirmed for September-October. Notably, Diggerdoge99 has already resubmitted his rejected painting from this contest, The Drakon Sea, for the September-October competition.

I'm sure we're all looking forward to the submissions for the next Art Contest, and I'm hoping we'll get just as good, if not better paintings than this time!

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