The Atheran Times relaunches on CivClassic

Updated: Jun 27

The Atheran Times is back after almost nine months in limbo with its previous home Atlas no longer operational. An exciting fresh start awaits the newspaper on CivClassic, a server with a world full of endless possibilities. While the Times’ coverage was limited before by the simple lack of server activity, it is now able to operate like never before on a server with many stories still to tell.

The Times once started in print form like any conventional newspaper, simply designed in Microsoft Word, no less. The name derived from the name of the main world in the Atlas server, Athera.

It started with just one editor — being the editor-in-chief — and one reporter, covering stories from world politics to pool parties every week. Until it grew from one reporter to four, and from one editor to three.

Eventually, after three print editions were published, the core platform was moved to a website, where news could be covered much quicker and stories could be told much more easily with more options. The newspaper was as successful as was possible on such a server, right up through its collapse. Even though the server was shut down due to inactivity stemming from administrative failure, the entire enterprise would not be in vain, having learned a lot from its first opening to its first close.

The Times serves as a platform for aspiring writers, people who know their way around words and people who see their future in journalism. It is a social platform for the server, documenting the server’s history while it covers new stories and letting people express their thoughts through their essays. Allowing new discussions to start about the topics that matter.

CivClassic offers the Times an audience like it has never seen before and allows it to enter a new era. With hopefully more contributors than ever before, we expect to create an extensive media network meant to last.

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The Atheran Times is a newspaper on a Minecraft server called CivClassics. It's the newspaper variant of the Atheran Multimedia Company. 

The Atheran Times started off as an actual digital print edition newspaper published on its origin server Atlas' forums. After three editions, we went fully online and live to make our coverage on events happening anywhere in the world more recent.


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