The Tyrrenopolis Bonfire

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

The bonfire at the Rivian town of Tyrrenopolis began at 8pm CST. Having been planned to occur in concurrence with the fourth State of the Server (SotS) of 2020, attendance was

high, with the official number being placed at no less than 26 people.

The landscape, a beautiful frozen lake, was the perfect setting for the warmth of the blazing bonfire. With food and drink aplenty, the event was enjoyable for all involved.

The Elders also had much to talk about in the SotS, with the overall discussion running past the original length of the feast – much to the annoyance of our European guests, who had stayed up till nearly dawn to catch the elders’ address.

As is often the case in feasts, many of our lovely guests got, perhaps, a bit too inebriated, and vomit was an all too familiar sight around the bonfire. Indeed, one of the elders, Ajaxan himself, commented on this at one point, noticing that the area around him was surrounded by vomit.

"We’re planning bigger and better events, so keep a look out.”

Naturally, the Rivians at the feast tried their best to get as many feast points as possible. ArtemisQQ challenged various guests to in-place duels and hexda dropped cooked food at guests to make them eat.

In the end, the Rivia received 791 feast points for the Tyrrenopolis bonfire – a very respectable score, though evidently not quite able to beat the figure from the Polis feast.

In response to a request for comment on the figure, Rivian leader ArtemisQQ responded, “Sure, [we’re satisfied,] but we can always do better. We’re planning bigger and better events, so keep a look out.” A very promising statement for all who enjoyed the bonfire – or any who want to attend similar events!

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