There Is No Way to Please Everyone When It Comes to World Regen

Editor's note: This article was originally published in number 3 of the digital print editions and written by hexda.

World Regeneration as a concept I think would be really beneficial to the server. It would serve to be a very welcoming aspect to Atlas concerning new players and improve the overall aesthetic of Atlas. It would give Atlas more of a sense of realism even if it is just a Minecraft server. I can’t fault the system for that, it certainly beautifies the server and makes room for future Atlas players.

I first joined Atlas about 2 months ago, and compared to other Atlas players who consist of mostly veterans and/or long time players, I was exposed to the wear and tear of Atlas over the months it has been alive, before I had joined. I can’t say that it was a turn off or made me dislike the server because it is inevitable that a server appears used, and that’s frankly what it is, a used server.

I believe that everyone expected that they would have to adapt to the changes that World Regeneration would bring to Atlas when it was announced at the SOTS. Nobody really thought about the extent of what the sacrifice would be, and I hate to say it but the Elders didn’t do much of a good job of communicating their exact plans concerning World Regen. They were also wrong for not warning players of the change, it was unfair to many players.

With this in mind, there is no way to please everyone when it comes to World Regeneration, sacrifices have to be made because unfortunately coding can only do so much justice in a certain amount of time.

I see both sides to the preserving player builds argument. For one player builds near spawn, farms near spawn and things of the sort are expendable, they can just be built farther away where it doesn’t obstruct a new player's view of the world and is still relatively accessible.

The other side is that it gives the server a sense of uniqueness, you can witness inside jokes and sometimes even witness the culture of the past and the present when looking at player builds. Take LittleTengu’s pumpkin farm as an example, while it wasn’t exactly the most important thing in the world, it was still a nice thing for new players to stumble upon when beginning their journey. It makes you think that people are nice enough to go out of their way to build farms just for public use, and may even inspire new players to do things like this on their own, thus giving back to the community.

But I think this is a relative non-issue, players can just move their farms and their builds further back to avoid being affected by the regeneration. While it would be nice to have it near spawn I think that it is not too hard of a sacrifice to make.

The pressing issue is all the railroads. It’s easily the biggest complaint I have and people who use the railroad are equally annoyed as I am about it. I see people saying that they don’t use the railroad so it is not a big issue, but there are people who use the railroad consistently, myself amongst them.

The railroad allows for people to transport new players to their town for tours without the new player having to make any obligations, that’s mainly how I used it in the past. Alongside this is transporting materials from one place to another in bulk with minecart chests, and traveling to NPC towns that aren’t capitals. My town personally isn’t settled near a capital but near an NPC town and frankly it would be easier and quicker to take the railroad then wait 5 minutes to travel to an NPC capital, and I’m sure I am not the only one having an issue with this. There are also nations that have their own personal railroads that will get screwed over by priority chunk World Regeneration.

The railroad has taken months to create I have no doubt. I worked on one line with ArtemisQQ and it took us days to complete with Efficiency 5 pickaxes, I have no doubt that other Railgang members have similar experiences. Railgang has dedicated so many hours to public service and forcing the railroad back so many chunks is not only more time consuming but inconvenient when traveling to NPC towns, or traveling near them, because many rail lines are just outside of NPC towns.

The railroad issue is a hard one to cover. The Elders dedicate their lives to working on the server so that we can spend our lives enjoying the server. We respect the Elders and all the enjoyment that their work has brought us, and the brilliant community it has attracted. But to the Elders, the community also puts in a lot of work into giving back to the people of the server and the railroad is one of those QOL projects that many people have poured hours into.

So I think that if the Elders decide to keep priority chunks that they show railroads leniency and exempt them from World Regeneration. The other option I see is that they follow the original plan, make active chunks stay preserved and inactive chunks regenerate. I can see the flaw in this however because chunks that need to be regened will be active due to their proximity to towns. It’s certainly a tricky issue but I think that there has to be some work around to preserve the convenience of the railroad. If not, the worst case scenario is that the mods have to rechannel the railroads to work and avoid the priority chunks.

Now I was really appalled that players would say that World Regeneration is a lousy work around where the Elders wouldn’t have to regenerate the world manually when someone goes off on material gathering sprees. It’s actually a very viable work around and releases stress off the people who have to do it, like the Elders and especially Terryn who has regenerated land for me when we had to gather sand. We can’t be reliant on the Elders and admins to fix up the world for us when we destroy it constantly, they have real lives to live while working to make us a fun server to play on. There needs to be contingency plans when the Elders and admins aren’t available and world regeneration is a very good option whether or not people agree. We shouldn’t depend on the Elders and admins constantly, and this is one way to relieve pressure from them.

Contrary to popular belief, the Elders do care about the community; and I have no doubt that they will work to preserve the hard work of players or compensate them generously for their losses. I believe that there's a lack of faith in the Elders from some players on this server and it is not fair to them. A community is what generates them revenue and activity but the Elders choose to pour all that they are into Atlas, and I think people need to realize this and appreciate the work they put in.

Everything I know from the Elder’s has been what I’ve heard from other players and that wasn’t fair because today even I made assumptions and jumped to conclusions when I know better than that. I’m not going to let other players sway my views and the immense amount of respect that I have for the Elders anymore, and I think people need to try and understand the Elder’s thoughts and feelings towards the server. I sincerely apologize to all the Elders for this, I shouldn’t jump to conclusions based on accusations when I know better and when I have more trust in them.

Constructive criticism is needed for success, but needless accusations, jumping to conclusions, and insults is extremely unnecessary and unfair to the Elders. So we should allow the Elders and the community to work together to come to a compromise, rather than bullying Tyrriel out of the server because of needless, unprofessional and unorganized arguments. He didn’t deserve it and I can see why he would feel a need to leave because something he spent his life on was criticized before it was even introduced.

To conclude, World Regeneration is a vital plugin that needs to be added. Sacrifices can be made to accommodate the change, but there has to be some sort of favoritism towards the railroad because there has been too much time put into it to adapt to the change. However, if sacrifices need to be made then the Elders will be there to help and accommodate the loss. The community should trust in the Elders to work with them rather than against them, because they are human too and like us they dedicate their lives to working on the server. We shouldn’t be Team Elders or Team Community, we should be Team Atlas.

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