Thraldrek Elected Mayor of Mount September

Mount September’s July Elections concluded today with the election of a new leader for the behemoth democracy: Thraldrek.

As the chair of the Augustan Democratic Party, among Mount September’s most successful political parties, Thraldrek endorsed the party platform in his candidature declaration. The ADP’s platform “revolve[s] around six main points”: stability, transparency, reform, economic growth and partnership, diplomacy, and growth; to this end, the party promotes “goals that are simple to reach and maintain”: “providing clear, concise information on decisions and situations as they happen”, “partnerships with allied and friendly nations to bring economic benefits and surplus to both sides”, “Participating in server recruitment”, and more. The ADP explicitly does not, however, support the nascent constitutional reform movement that has taken root in Mount September, solidifying its position as a largely centrist party.

Thraldrek’s election comes alongside former mayor Godomasta’s resignation; the two-time mayor was, under the Septembrian constitution, ineligible to run for the position in July, as he had been mayor for at least four of the previous six months (this is the criterion by which career candidates can be disqualified). The last of eight candidates to file to run for Mount September’s highest position, Thraldrek faced fierce competition in the wake of the departure of the respected former mayor from names such as specificlanguage, minemaster933, and TheNeonNerd.

Despite a diverse and dynamic electoral field, Thraldrek received 73% of first-choice votes (Mount September uses ranked-choice voting, but this was irrelevant as Thraldrek won a majority just on first choices), and was voted for at some rank in all eleven valid mayoral votes.

With clear all-sides support from the Septembrian people, Thraldrek moves into the Septembrian mayorship at a strong moment for the growing nation, and for himself.

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