UMP Introduces New Feature: Exclusion Zones

Updated: Oct 7

UMP contributors can now submit exclusion zone markings in the same way as land claims, which are displayed as a clear red-striped filled box on the map, alerting users of no-go zones.

Exclusion zones on the CCMap as of July 12, 2021. From hccmap.github.io

The Unified Map Project — maker of the unofficial CivClassic map — began working on the feature a few days ago, after it had been suggested by prolific mapper Lowtuff a month earlier, said yodabird19. Project Admin Gjum mentioned that he had wanted to create exclusion zones before, but had never had a good data source. This would soon change.

Mappers didn’t hesitate to make use of the newly introduced feature. The famously isolationist nation Mir had all of their territory marked within a day as an exclusion zone, signalling all visitors to keep out.

This created an awkward situation in two of their exclaves — Pinkertown and Astanna — with two international rail lines (the HITS and GOR respectively) running through the lands; the UMP eventually resolved this by a thin line right in the middle where the railways lie.

Several other nations, as well as unaffiliated mappers, took the opportunity to mark highly secured vaults as exclusion zones, hopefully preventing many newfriends from jumping into the massive obsidian structures, unbeknownst of the consequences.

The exclusion zone is now one of the five main features of the unofficial player-made map, further making it an important guide for most CivClassic players travelling around the world. The project marks another milestone for the relatively new UMP, one of the most active and successful international projects on CivClassic.

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