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United Empire Gears Up for Travel, Shifts to Neutral in Clutch Moment

The United Empire releases two changes to its operations just over 24 hours after leaving its former alliance.

United Empire capital Alerna

At 4:49pm CDT on September 28, just under four hours after the war between the E and Kongeda alliances concluded with an enormous E victory, the United Empire - one of Atlas's largest nations, especially thanks to recent departures - left Kongeda. As no other information was provided, the event was not covered by the Atheran Times, and Atlas was left with no explanation of the events for over 24 hours.

However, at 6:46pm CDT, this was at last rectified when United Empire leader CyanSeed posted to Atlas's forums "the United Empire's Neutrality Claim", which laid out two changes to the young Empire's operations. The first was, as the title would suggest, a claim to neutrality; the week-long-beleaguered nation offered to "open up trade to any/all nations" alongside this, making clear a desire to move past the Consolidation War.

However, the Union added something slightly unrelated to its announcement: an official declaration of participation in the Atlian International Rail Project. Though most nations which participate (or intend to) in the so-called "rail gang" have not taken such formal measures to make official their desire for rail travel, the United Empire stated two specific terms, both of which can be boiled down to one request: for their part of the rail not to be used for violence. With the Rail Project reviving as of late thanks to recent world regeneration changes, it may soon be seen whether or not these terms will come into play.

Whispers of another forum release, concerning the motivations for the previous, have already begun to swirl around the United Empire. Should this be released in any short timeframe, the Atheran Times will update this article to reflect the change.

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