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Wardens of Wraithwood Mass-Quit Over Discontent with Atlas Staff

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

UPDATE: The Darkwater Company has announced an impending departure from Atlas as well.

Atlas's community just got a lot smaller.

At exactly 6:30pm CDT, SirWalnuts, a new Atheran Times employee who had been hired only hours before, shouted in the Atheran Times's public-discourse discord channel, "BYE Y'ALL, ELDERS SUCK", and left the Times without further comment. This was the first sign that something monumental was happening. Four minutes later, easy_beans, then-leader of the Atlas reformation effort, wished Atlas goodbye in its public-discourse discord channel. He then left the server.

This situation is actively developing, so readers are alerted that, while this article is not in a live-updates format, it is likely to be updated at least once. However, despite a lack of official announcement, it has slowly become clear to Atlas that a large number of its players were leaving the server all at once. At 7:02pm, NukeSC mused that that "if [he] left gg to the person that gets my stuff". At 7:04, TheCubling announced his own departure. As more and more departures from Atlas became clear, though - important to note - many lack direct confirmation, a trend has emerged: almost all of the departures are centered on the Wardens of Wraithwood.

The motivations for this are unclear, but easy_beans, former Lord Warden of the nation, told the Atheran Times that, upon conference with "[his] nations [sic] officer channel...everybody agreed [they]'re done".

This change comes at a tumultuous time, as most active players on Atlas, including the Wardens, remain embroiled in the Consolidation War, and a large group of players from all political factions continue to push forward demands for administrative reform. The departure of so many members of Atlas's largest nation by total population has been linked repeatedly, by several Wardens, to the resistance that easy_beans's reformist movement received today. What this will mean for Atlas or its reform is not currently clear; Atlas is sure to lose a stunning number of players on account of the Wardens, which will likely weaken the E alliance and fog the windshield of the reform movement. easy_beans has, having left Atlas, promoted yodabird19 to the leader of the "revolution" in his stead, telling him privately to "pick up the flag and run with it".

Today, Atlas suffers a major loss. The server has suffered the ramifications of a large, organized quitting movement before, and they are not good. What will happen to Atlas now is not yet known, but it is unlikely to be to the benefit of those that remain.

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